Bronze package

The Bronze Package

Our bronze package is a super starting package which is packed full with all of the essentials you need. This package is ideal if you only have a handful of employees or you are in the process of expanding to take on your first employee.


All employees are required to have written particulars detailing the terms and conditions of employment. The best way to achieve this is with an employment contract. This is so both you and the employee are clear on what the job entails.

Disciplinary policy and grievance procedure are essential. These will provide you with peace of mind that should an issue crop up, you have in place a robust procedure which you can follow.


The other policies contained in this package are just as important and each of them are designed to make sure you and your employees are on the same page and clear about your position.

So whats included in the Bronze package

Equal Oportunities Policy

Protect against discrimination issues with this policy which can be detrimental in a business.

Disciplinary Policy

An essential policy for any business or organisation helping you avoid allegations of discriminatory treatment or unfair procedures.

Grievance Procedure

An essential procedure to have in any business or organisation. This document will ensure you have all the set procedures in place.

Sickness Absence Policy

A transparent policy detailing how you and your employees manage sickness absence in the workplace and the procedures involved.

Contract of Employment

Written particulars of employment are a requirement by law and the easiest form is in a contract of employment.

What are the benefits

  • HR compliance for your business
  • Expert knowledge and guidance
  • Saves you time on your admin

Who is it designed for

  • Small business with less than 5 staff
  • Growing businesses needing more HR information
  • Those with a smaller budget

Bronze Package

£ 250 one time payment
If you are interested in the Bronze Package, please contact us to discuss your needs.