We offer transparent pricing to match your needs

Simply select the level of service you require and read about what we offer and see what we charge.

  • Bronze Package
    • £ 250 one time payment
      • Equal Opportunities Policy
      • Disciplinary Policy
      • Grievance Procedure
      • Sickness Absence Policy
      • Contract of Employment

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Best choice
  • Silver Package
    • £ 500 one time payment
      • Bronze Package plus:
      • Letter templates
      • HR set up (i.e. employee files, checks etc.)




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  • Gold Package
    • £ 900 one time payment
      • Silver Package plus:
      • Employee Handbook
      • Data Protection Policy
      • Recruitment documents
      • Update service

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Our aim is to be transparent, which is why we have packages for you to choose from. However, we can offer more with our monthly support or one off support option. Both of these can be added to one of our packages or used on their own, depending on what you need, when you need it and how you need it.

Monthly support

We basically become your very own HR department within your business or organisation which you can call upon for support or guidance on employee issues. We will always be there to help you out when you need us and when you don’t, you have peace of mind that we can be called upon should the need arise.

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One off support

We understand there may be occasions where you just want help with a particular task. This could be assisting with a disciplinary or grievance issue or just putting in place a system or procedure to make things run easier.

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