Gold package

The Gold package

The super gold package is our highest level and most comprehensive package. You get everything which is included in the bronze and silver package plus your own personalised employee handbook. This ensures your employees know what you do and don’t want in the workplace helping to avoid any problems occurring. We will work with you to make sure the employee handbook is bespoke to your business or organisation and captures your values, aims and objectives.


Among the policies already provided in bronze and silver package, the gold includes a flexible working policy. There are elements around flexible working which are required by law so our policy makes sure you have everything covered.

Our fantastic gold package also includes everything you need for recruiting. We will work with you to write job descriptions and person specifications, interview questions and help with your induction process. By making sure your employees have a good start into your business or organisation, will help with retention of staff and productivity.


And that’s not all you get! Within this package you get our update service. This means that if a law changes or best practice guidelines change within 2 years of us providing you with the documents, we will update you and update the relevant document at no extra cost.

Whats included in the Gold package

Equal Oportunities Policy

Protect against discrimination issues with this policy which can be detrimental in a business.

Disciplinary Policy

An essential policy for any business or organisation helping you avoid allegations of discriminatory treatment or unfair procedures.

Grievance Procedure

An essential procedure to have in any business or organisation. This document will ensure you have all the set procedures in place.

Sickness Absence Policy

A transparent policy detailing how you and your employees manage sickness absence in the workplace and the procedures involved.

Flexible Working Policy

A Flexible Working policy outlining the request process and what is required by law providing you with the guidance you may need.

Employee Handbook

A bespoke Employee Handbook created specifically for your business or organisation.

Data Protection Policy

With the introduction of GDPR, Data Protection has become even more important. This policy details the way you handle data in the workplace.

Contract of Employment

Written particulars of employment are a requirement by law and the easiest form is in a contract of employment.

Letter templates

  1. Offer of employment letter
  2. Rejection of employment letter
  3. Disciplinary letters including invites and sanctions
  4. Dismissal letter
  5. Grievance letters
  6. Appeal hearing letters

Each template comes with full guidance notes on how to use them.

HR set up (i.e. employee files, checks etc.)

We will help you to get your employee files set up and in order and put in place an easy to use and robust system. We’ll even give you guidance on how long to keep information.

Recruitment Documents

This will include job descriptions and person specifications required for recruitment, assistance and templates for interview questions and help with putting together an induction process. This will help inform your candidates of the tone and culture of your business or organisation ensuring you attract the right people to the right jobs.

Update Service

If any of the law or best practice guidelines change within a 2 year period of us providing you with one of our policies or documents, we contact you to let you know. We will provide an updated document for you giving you peace of mind that you are always up to date.

What are the main features

  • HR compliance for your business
  • Expert knowledge and guidance
  • Saves you time on your admin

Who is it designed for

  • Smaller businesses with more than 5 staff
  • Growing businesses needing more HR information
  • Those who want those extra admin tasks taken care of

Gold Package

£ 900 one time payment
If you are interested in the Gold Package, please contact us to discuss your needs.